Purple Ants: The Best Chocolatier at CATS Motors Mercedes-Benz

Their journey started with a single pod of Philippine Cacao, amazed by its characteristics and health benefits, that’s when they ventured into chocolate making. They believe chocolates must be freshly made, handcrafted, and unwrap, produced in small batches, to bring out its distinctive different flavours and exceptional quality, unique aroma, texture and taste that are mouthwatering, ready to serve and relish.

Each unique recipe is concocted by the master chocolatier, crafted with passion and care. They aim to introduce new recipes every month for customers to take pleasure with a delicious surprise of freshly made craft chocolates, which they would love to enjoy again and again.

In every box, customers help local cacao farmers and create employment opportunities for out-of-school youth that undergo training in craft chocolate-making hired in the production line, and the Purple Ants Chocolatier stores.




By Gastroplate Foods and Beverage

Mercedes-Benz Greenhills
1008 EDSA Greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila
Contact person: Ms. Katrina Agustin
Email: katre.agustin@gmail.com
Mobile: 0917 807 5499


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