Mercedes-Benz and Camila Cabello teamed up to rewrite the Cinderella story

Star and singer, Camila Cabello will become part of the Cinderella movie which is scheduled to release on Amazon Prime Video on September 3rd. In her interview, she shared her experience while portraying the role: “It was one of the most fun experiences of my life.

Mercedes-Benz, partners with Amazon to showcase a multi-layered campaign that promotes personal strength and women empowerment.

Cabello features in the TV commercial with the title “Rewrite the Story” – the gang that tries to criticize women: “Just play your role.” At one point, a camerawoman says, “Honey, you’re prettier when you smile.”

Source: YouTube / Mercedes-Benz USA

Towards the end, the singer-actress walks heading to Mercedes-Benz G Wagon saying: “It’s time for a new story, the one we write,” followed by a caption: “A new kind of Cinderella has arrived” She told the Hollywood Reporter.

Moreover, Rachel McDonald, Director of Biscuit Filmworks joined Mercedes-Benz on this TV commercial which will air on network and cable channels on August 23.

Billy Porter plays Fab G, a genderless fairy godparent echoes the progressive message of Mercedes-Benz. “I’m excited to work with Mercedes-Benz on this campaign where the message of individuality is at the forefront as we empower aspiring girl bosses everywhere to embark on their own journey to the top.” Porter said.

Partnering with Mercedes-Benz is not just a TV commercial yet additionally a live-streamed fashion show, “Dress for a Dream” with hosts Billy Porter and actress, Jamie Chung on August 28.

You will witness Ellen Mirojnick, the film’s costume designer featuring behind-the-scenes exclusive costumes, and the Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador giving a tour.

“That’s the value that we get from partnerships like this is, it gives us an opportunity to expand our audience.” Ukonwa Ojo, Amazon Prime’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) said.


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