5 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle’s Warranty

One of the advantages of purchasing a new vehicle is having a warranty. It gives you peace of mind as the manufacturer promises to cover the cost and take care of any repairs within a specified time. Like any other contracts, a warranty may be void when a deviation on the policies are made. So here are some tips to help you keep your warranty intact:


1. Be informed about the terms and conditions of your warranty.

Make sure you read and understand your warranty policy. It gives you information about the DO’s and DON’Ts to keep your warranty. This is often included in your vehicle’s manual.


2. Be aware of your warranty period.

The standard warranty period of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram vehicle is three (3) years from the date of purchase. If problems arise within that period, bring your vehicle immediately to an Authorized Service Center to address the issue as soon as possible before your warranty expires.


3. Refrain from modifying any parts that will affect the performance of your vehicle.

Planning to install aftermarket parts on the engine, electronic system, or suspension to customize the performance of your car will likely void your warranty especially if it is the cause of system failures or issues.


4. Follow your manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance service intervals.

For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram vehicles, the recommended service interval is every 10,000 KMs or every six (6) months (whichever comes first).


5. Keep all the receipts and service records.

These are proofs that your vehicle gets the regular maintenance service interval. During warranty claims, these are also the requirements that you need to provide.


To know more about your vehicle’s warranty, you may consult your Service Advisor through these contact channels:

Landline: 8784 5002
Email: customercare@cats.com.ph

Long Term Car Storage Guide

Leaving your vehicle parked and unused for an extended period may cause more harm than good. Tires may deflate, the battery may get discharged, rusts may form on rotor disks and fuel tank. And what is worst, it can be a breeding ground of pests and insects. Here are some essential tips you can do to store your car properly:


1. Thoroughly clean your car’s exterior and interior.

Be sure to wash your vehicle to remove any particles, droppings, smudges, and other road elements sticking on the surface. Remove the trash, wipe “high-touch” areas, and vacuum the interior to eliminate odor and avoid building-up of germs/molds. Use a car cover to preserve its paint and avoid further dirt accumulation.


2. Fuel up.

Fill the tank in full to lessen the moisture and condensation inside.


3. Overinflate the tires.

Increase the tire pressure by at least three (3) PSI than usual to prevent flat spots.


4. Save your battery.

Start the engine every once in a while and take a short drive to recharge the battery promptly. Use a car charger when available. Keep your remote key away from the vehicle to preserve its charge and prevent further drain.


5. Release the parking brake.

The vehicle must be secured by engaging a gear/park pawl or by using chocks.


By following these guidelines, you can protect your precious investment from perils and ensure that it is in top shape when you are ready to take it on the road.